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TRFSC Fundraising Opportunties

Spring Show - Information Coming Soon

Sell Pizza and Butter Braids and earn money for the 2022 Spring Show!! 

Attached to this email you will find the following:

  •  Fundraising Overview
  •  HEGGIES electronic form
  •  BUTTER BRAIDS electronic form

BUTTER BRAIDS:    An online store link that is unique to each member will be sent to your email (you have been pre-registered).  Share this link with friends and family.  They will use your link to purchase products and pay online (you still need to pick up and deliver products).   This is the preferred method for sales, however, if you would like to use paper forms in addition to or in place of online sales, an electronic form is included here for you to print or forward.  Paper forms will also be available on the TRFSC locker room door.  Payments will need to be collected for any sales made using electronic/paper forms.  Paper/electronic form sales totals will be due by Feb 17th. 

HEGGIES:  Heggies electronic forms are included here.  Please note that there are three tabs in the spreadsheet.  Paper forms are also available on the TRFSC locker room door.  Share the electronic/paper forms with friends and family.  Collect sales numbers and report totals by Feb. 17th.  Use the “Total Sales (send to Martha)” tab in the excel spreadsheet to summarize your sales and send to Martha Ulate via email or print it and send a picture in a text.  You will deliver pizzas to your customers.

**Any Cash or checks can be collected from your customers when it is convenient for you.   If you wish to minimize contact, you can collect money when you deliver the product. 


(TIP:  plan on delivering product to your customers the evening of March 3rd or be sure to have freezer space!)

ONE check from each seller for total sales (Heggies and Butter Braids (any non online sales only)) made out to TRFSC is due at time of product pick up.  Checks will be held for three weeks to allow time for you to deliver and collect money from customers.

Contact Martha with questions or concerns:

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Steak Fry, Bake Sale & Raffle

TRFSC 12th Annual Steak Fry, Bake Sale and Raffle

Friday, September 9th 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Join us at the Osseo/Maple Grove America Legion for our 12th Annual Steak Fry, Bake Sale and Raffle!
Steak, Shrimp or Fish $TBD - Steak & Shrimp Combo $TBD.

Osseo/Maple Grove American Legion

260 4th Ave SE

Osseo, MN 55369